Zeltex LLC

Zeltex is a leader in portable and laboratory Near-Infrared analyzers. Zeltex designs and manufactures analyzers for the Petroleum, Grain, Cheese, Food, and other industries. Combining 40 years experience in Near Infrared Technology, Zeltex Inc. has worked with many companies to optimize their analytical needs. Each of Zeltex analyzers is designed to provide their users with the most accurate, portable and cost efficient analysis available.

Zeltex analyzers include portable octane analyzers, seed analyzers, food/cheese analyzers and ground meat analyzers.

Octane / Cetane Analyser

• Automatic fuel detection (Gasoline/E-Gas/Diesel)
• Less than one minute warm up time
• Stores data for up to 25 samples
• Precalibrated for unleaded and Ethanol blended fuels
• Optional diesel cetane index and cetane number
calibrations available
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Displays results in less than 20 seconds
• Self-standardizing to ensure accuracy
• Easy-loading sample holder
• Easy-to-read LCD display
• Built-in printer that includes time and date of analysis
• Optional GPS locator – GPS data is printed and stored
• USB port for PC interface
• Optional USB capability
• [(R+M)/2], RON, MON
• Can store up to 10 separate gasoline formula calibrations
• Small, lightweight, and easy to use
• Operates on “AA” batteries or AC Power
• Sturdy aluminum carrying case

Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Analyser

Is easy to use
Displays results in under 30 seconds
Measures a large 200 mL sample with 75 mm path length (no
sample preparation, damage or chemical byproducts)
Measures extreme sample concentrations from .05 to 99%
Measures multiple constituents simultaneously
Has a built-in printer for permanent record keeping

Meat Analyser

The AccuLean IQ does not use any chemicals or heat, nor does it produce any hazardous waste.

The AccuLean IQ requires no specialized training.

The AccuLean IQ provides fast, lab accurate measurements with no damage to the product sample.

Just a couple of ounces of ground meat is all you need to obtain an accurate, quantitative analysis of fat, moisture and protein.

For Non-Destructive NIR Analysis of Fat in:

    Ground Beef

    • Ground Pork

      • Ground Chicken

        • Ground Turkey


Grain / Seed Analyzers

Across the United States and the world, the Zeltex line of Whole Grain Analyzers has proven their mettle. Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Barley and Rice as well as Seeds in the research environment, there simply is no better analytical solution.


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