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Imagine a world where you could detect health issues sooner to treat them more effectively. Where food and water are always safe, even in remote corners of the earth. And where scientific and medical research are enhanced to solve the greatest challenges of our times. PerkinElmer imagines this world every day. Then, innovate and collaborate to make it happen everywhere.

With about 14,000 employees worldwide, Perkin Elmer pioneer scientific technologies for better detection, imaging, and informatics to help customers make a profound impact on the world and provide support with advanced services to ensure optimal operations.

From basic research and drug discovery to the development and manufacturing of new, significant drugs and clinical treatments, Perkin Elmer is helping researchers accelerate the discovery-to-commercialization process, bringing better medicines to market faster. With a comprehensive portfolio from detection and imaging solutions to informatics and services, PE forward-minded ideation to advance research possibilities has enabled many methods that once took weeks to perform to now be accomplished in a matter of hours.

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system for prenatal screening

PerkinElmer’s AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system is the most widely used platform for Down syndrome screening, now available also for pre-eclampsia screening. Fully automatic and easy to use, AutoDELFIA has become the screening solution of choice for laboratories around the world and gives reliable, high-quality results both for aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia risk assessment during pregnancy.

Now PerkinElmer is proud to introduce the new AutoDELFIA system. By making AutoDELFIA even more effective and easier to use, we give you a clear reason to change your screening for the better. We offer FMF-approved assays with high performance and long-term precision.

AutoDELFIA is a fully automatic system for sensitive and reproducible quantitation of analytes commonly used in prenatal screening programs. The instrument is supported by the widest available range of prenatal analytes available on any platform. All kits employ the sensitive and robust DELFIA® chemistry, based on time-resolved fluorescence. Every assay stage from sample dispensing to measurement is performed automatically. Analytical results are easy to manage and transfer to risk calculation software such as LifeCycle.

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Chemagic 360 Instrument

Experience the revolutionary compact benchtop design of our newly developed chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor. Based on the well-established chemagen Technology, the system offers a flexible solution for different sample processing and throughput needs. Configurable with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads (see table below) the system can process sample volumes from 10 μl – 10 ml.

Key features:

  • Sample volumes from 10 μl – 10 ml
  • High throughput
  • Huge kit portfolio – whole blood, saliva, serum/plasma, etc.
  • No cross-contamination
  • Revolutionary compact benchtop design

To support your automation needs, the system is equipped with the chematic Software and chemagic Dispenser 360. These allow LIMS-compatible bar code reading/sample tracking and automated buffer filing for all volume applications. For more info please visit the following link:

GSP® Instrument

The instrument is fully automated, performing every stage of an assay from retrieval of the sample plate from the stacker to measurement and reporting of results. Genetic Screening Processor utilizes specific GSP Workstation software for handling newborn screening data.

Design of GSP Instrument, software, and screening assays offers multiple advantages for your screening program, including:

  • Continuous loading of sample allowing more flexible workflows
  • Barcoding of all materials to minimize risk of error and hands-on time
  • The multi-technology solution to support high sensitivity DELFIA as well as prompt fluorescence measurements
  • Extreme ease of use enabling quick user adoption and also rotation of staff duties
  • Newborn screening specific informatics bringing the maximum operational efficiency
  • Integrated screening operation supporting further growth and change of your program.

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DELFIA® Xpress

DELFIA® Xpress has been developed to streamline workflows in laboratories and clinics providing prenatal screening services. Already in use in more than 50 countries, DELFIA Xpress offers a range of benefits critical for operational efficiency.

A full range of 1st and 2nd trimester kits are available for DELFIA Xpress and hence it supports the strategies being implemented by today’s screening programs. Our research investment in maternal health has led to the development of several new products to allow a wider choice of strategies in aneuploidy screening and pre-eclampsia screening.

  • The speed and flexibility of random access
    • The simplicity and ease of use of a new generation instrument with up-to-date software design
    • The security associated with barcoded reagents and samples to ensure positive identification
    • The reassurance from using reliable, proven DELFIA chemistry
    • LifeCycle™ screening management software for prenatal screening
    • Pre-eclampsia screening management software for pre-eclampsia screening
    • An ideal solution for delivering OSCAR (one stop clinic for assessment of risk) services,

DELFIA Xpress has been chosen by several pioneering programs.

PerkinElmer aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia screening products are not available in the USA.

Products may not be available in all countries. For information on availability, please contact your local representative. For more info please visit the following link.

VICTOR Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader

Now with Alpha Technology, the VICTOR® Nivo system packs all popular detection modes into the industry’s smallest multimode reader footprint. The perfect microplate reader for everyday biochemical and cell-based assays, it measures at any wavelength, with top and bottom reading of all standard technologies (top only reading for Alpha). Its software interface is easy to learn and use, and lets you control the instrument from almost any device – perfect for multiuser environments. Combine with our assays and reagents to get you started right away. For more info Kindly visit the following link.

EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

The EnSight multimode plate reader offers HTS Alpha, Ultra-sensitive Luminescence, and fast well-imaging technologies alongside conventional multimode detection technologies. Imaging & online data analysis is fast: a 384-well plate can be imaged in less than 5 mins. The system’s modular design, combined with workflow-based Kaleido data acquisition & analysis software, gives a truly versatile plate reader that gets users productive quickly. For more info please visit the following link

Wizard2 1-Detector Gamma Counter, 550 samples

Whatever your application need, Wizard2 delivers superior gamma counting performance. Today’s laboratories are pressured to do more with less – fewer resources, less time and tighter turnaround. Wizard2 gamma counters offer enhanced features to make sure you’re up to the challenge now and in the future. Performance features to future-proof your lab,

  • Simplicity – Easy viewing and editing of instrument performance parameters such as protocol definition, conveyor movement, general settings, and instrument diagnostic settings
  • Fully Automated Data Analysis – MyAssays®Desktop Pro with QA software for RIA/IRMA and custom data analysis and functionality that lets you easily create and transfer custom reports
  • STAT – Allows high priority, interrupted sample measurement
  • Networkability – Wizard2instrument include Ethernet connections to easily share and analyze your data
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility – With optional MyAssays®Desktop Pro Security software, you can automate your audit trail for electronic record and signature compliance
  • More Choices Than Ever – From routine counting to more sophisticated research to customer validated clinical solutions in a regulated environment, there’s a configuration that’s right for your lab
  • Wizard2Result Viewer – Allows data viewing and export of sample data, Instrument Performance Assessment™ (IPA), normalization and spectral data
  • Sample Vial Barcode Option – Easy to positively identify each sample vial using a barcode label attached to the top of each vial, For more info please visit the following link:

IVIS® Lumina III In Vivo Imaging System

The IVIS Lumina III is capable of imaging both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters. The system is equipped with up to 26 filter sets that can be used to image reporters that emit from green to near-infrared. Superior spectral unmixing can be achieved by Lumina III’s optional high-resolution short cut-off filters. Features and Benefits

  • Market trusted technology offering the fullest suite of leading imaging technologies, reagents, and support
  • Exquisite sensitivity in bioluminescence
  • Full fluorescence tunability through the NIR spectrum
  • Compute Pure Spectrum spectral unmixing for ultimate fluorescence sensitivity
  • Expandable system tailored to your workflow

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Quantum GX2 microCT Imaging System

The Quantum GX2 microCT scanner is a true multispecies preclinical imaging system, offering the flexibility to enable longitudinal in vivo imaging as well as ex vivo sample scanning. With a 163mm imaging bore, an entire rabbit can be placed inside the scanner for in vivo scanning, while the 18mm FOV allows for high-resolution scanning of ex vivo samples. Combined with PerkinElmer’s 3-dimensional optical imaging systems, and automated bone analysis software (AccuCT), the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system provides maximal flexibility and function. Whether your research focus is oncology, cardiovascular disease, orthopedics or pulmonary disease, the Quantum GX2 is versatile enough to deliver the results you need.

Key Features

  • High resolution (2.3-micrometer voxel size)
  • High-speed (scans as fast as 3.9 seconds)
  • Low-dose imaging for longitudinal in vivo studies
  • Four Field Of Views (FOVs) – 18, 36, 72, and 86 mm
  • Multispecies imaging capabilities (Zebrafish/mouse/rat/guinea pig/rabbit)
  • Two-phase retrospective respiratory and cardiac gating
  • Seamlessly co-registration of functional optical signals (from IVIS®Spectrum or FMT®) with microCT imaging data

Combine the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging with PerkinElmer’s other in vivo imaging modalities (optical and PET) to gain greater insight into disease progression and treatment response non-invasively.

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