We have become a fast growing and highly profitable life Sciences and Analytical Instruments Company with a strong presence in advanced Scientific and Clinical research.


Iso Certification

Analytical Measuring Systems (Private) Limited. is the first and only (till to date) Analytical / Life Sciences company,


Every facet of our organization is driven to be a single goal – customer satisfaction. We know our excellent products but our market leadership,

Analytical Measuring Systems (Private) Limited was founded in 1994 to market Analytical Life Science Instruments. AMS has a large customer base among private and public sector with over 2500 major installations in Pakistan.

Our customers include Academia & Research, Gas & Oil industry, pharmaceuticals, textile, chemical industry & Health Care.

Analytical Measuring Systems (Private) Limited. is a Pakistan based company, actively involved in marketing of Analytical / Life Science Instruments of highest repute.

NTN No: 070644-5, GST no: 12-90-9999-462-37, KCCI and I Number: 38868, Drap License: ELI-00413, PEC Reg: 04645.