Preventive Maintenance Contracts

& PM Kits


All of us know that instrument down time affects output, disturbs the timelines and wastes samples, efforts, time and money, which in turn impact the productivity and performance.

AMS analyzed service jobs spanning last 5 years and found some interesting facts

20% of calls attended by our engineers did not require any part to be replaced. These calls could have been solved over the phone with the users support or the users would have done better with proper training.
Of the remaining calls, about 80% required consumable parts to be replaced; which means these problems were occurred not due to a functional failure but due to a lack of preventive maintenance.

Benefits of Performing Preventive Maintenance

Greater reliability and consistency of results produced by the system.
Keeps the system at peak performance.
Extends the life of the system.
Complies with regulatory requirements on maintenance and calibration of system.

Not only Preventive, but Predictive Maintenance

AMS engineers diagnose impending problems and propose remedial actions that need to be taken to avoid system failure. Knowing the signs of wear, corrosion, discoloration, evidence of rubbing, damage, presence of foreign objects, missing parts or the presence of wrong parts is part of the diagnostic which is interpreted for impact on future instrument performance. Exacting measurements on alignment of pumps, dynamic balance.

What is the Recommended PM Schedule?

AMS recommends one PM replacement per year for an 8 hour or a single shift laboratory. For a higher throughput lab., performing more PM’s per year will be based on your experience with the systems.

Is it sufficient to have only a labor contract and replace parts when necessary?

We have observed that such reactive mode of service will lead to multiple downtime in a year. Unplanned multiple downtime would mean multiple calibration/qualification schedules and more losses in terms of productivity and issues with regulatory compliance. Service visits without necessary parts, is not an appropriate solution for time bound and high throughput laboratories.


Consumable parts have a finite life and replacing them at an appropriate time would save us time, money and other related hassles. UpTime Maintenance Kit constitutes all consumable parts for the particular model. The parts list of the uptime kit is a result of our expertise and experience on the systems.

By doing a regular PM, you will be avoiding upto 80% of downtime which otherwise would cost you dearly. Therefore we recommend to opt for complete Preventive Maintenance once a year to ensure uninterrupted operation of AMS systems. Scheduled, pre-failure PM is a cost-effective way to ensure accurate, reproducible results and the highest level of reliability. At AMS, the ability to perform preventive maintenance on an instrument is a custom protocol carefully worked for a specific instrument. Uptime kit developed specifically for your instrument ensures that you are able to take appropriate action before any potential downtime occurs.

Choose the uptime Maintenance Kit along with service contract and be proud of your high precision systems working at peak performance, producing reliable and consistent results & vice contract will reduce hassle ensure 95% uptime and will have peace of mind.

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